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          History of Lonking
          About Lonking History of Lonking

          History of Lonking

          Lonking Holdings Limited, as one of the world's top 50 engineering machinery enterprises, is one of the leading enterprises in the construction machinery industry.

          Lonking was founded in 1993, and its scale has been continuously expanding. The Company's four major main products, including loaders, excavators, forklifts, road rollers, and skid steer loaders, have made synchronized progress and the core key parts and components have developed in a coordinated manner. Lonking has always been trusted by the majority of users with its reliable quality products and good business reputation.

          History of Lonking

          • 1993-2005
            Historical Footnotes
          • 2006-2010
            Continuous improvement during the first five years
          • 2011-2015
            Steady development during the second five years
          • 1993
            Mr. Li San Yim founded Lonking in Longyan, Fujian.
            Lonking Group was listed in the rankings of "Enterprises Meeting Quality Management Standards" in China.
            Lonking loader was awarded the title of "Consumer Trustworthy Product in China".
            It was awarded the title of "Fujian Famous Brand Product".
            Lonking advanced into Shanghai and established Lonking (Shanghai) Industrial Park.
            The sales volume of loaders ranked among the top three in the industry.
            Lonking successfully passed ISO9001:2000 quality certification and the United States FMRC certification.
            Lonking was listed among the Top 100 Machinery Industry Enterprises in China with Core Competitiveness.
            Lonking established the Jiangxi Lonking production base and it became one of the "Top 100 Star Enterprises with Overseas Chinese Capital in China".
            The sales volume of loaders exceeded 10,000, and "Lonking" loaders won the title of "China Famous Brand Product".
            Lonking took the lead in China's engineering machinery industry to be listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
            Lonking started the "second round of entrepreneurship".
          • 2006
            Lonking established cooperation intentions with Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Shanghai Jiao Tong University; Lonking products entered the Middle East market in batches.
            Li San Yim Charity Foundation was officially established; Lonking successfully passed CE certification for CDM export series products; Lonking (Shanghai) Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. was officially put into operation.
            Lonking stock (stock code: 3339) officially entered the two major index series of Hang Seng Bank in Hong Kong.
            Lonking ranked 40th among the "World's Top 50 Engineering Machinery Enterprises" for the first time; Lonking donated RMB 5 million to the earthquake-stricken areas in Sichuan.
            Lonking ranked 24th among the "World's Top 50 Engineering Machinery Enterprises in 2009"; Consul Generals of six countries including Russia visited Lonking.
            Lonking successfully passed the "national military standard" certification; Lonking ranked 22nd among the "World's Top 50 Engineering Machinery Enterprises in 2010".
          • 2011
            With the severe test of "international financial crisis" and "domestic macro-control", Lonking continued to leap forward in various indexes, with the total annual sales exceeding RMB 12.7 billion and the net profit exceeding RMB 1.7 billion.
            In the face of the sharp decline in domestic and foreign market demand, Lonking timely "lowered expectations for national economic and industry development, reduced sales risks, reduced operating costs, comprehensively enhanced employees' confidence in future development, improved the company's comprehensive management level, and increased the share of domestic and foreign markets", and the overall operating capacity of the company was stable and healthy.
            Lonking rose to the challenge and actively carried out management innovation, product innovation and mechanism innovation, which effectively promoted the sustainable and healthy development of the company. The sales volume of loaders, excavators, forklifts, road rollers and their core components as well as various development indexes of the company were at the forefront of the industry.
            Despite the difficulties in China's engineering machinery industry, Lonking still made steady progress, and the market share of loaders continued to rank first in China. The annual sales volume of forklifts exceeded 20,000, ranking among the top three in China. The new excavator business continued to advance. The export sales rose steadily. The market performance such as product reliability and customer satisfaction, and development indexes such as profitability, risk control, and cash flow continued to lead domestic counterparts.
            In the face of the new normal of overcoming obstacles, Lonking paid attention to the living environment of agencies and users. The loader "sincerely gives back to users and comprehensively rewards customers", so Lonking timely launched the N series of "profitable and worry-free" products and "1+1" value-added services. Lonking achieved the "quality first, price realization" of excavators. The forklift is "exquisite, flexible, man-machine integration", and the "3 series of new products" of the road roller were fully launched. The core components such as axles & transmissions and hydraulic components not only ensured internal supply with high quality but also provided external support in batches. The whole company was operating in an efficient and orderly manner.
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