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          29 2024-02
          The Year of the Loong Starts a New Chapter, the Strategic Cooperation Begins a New Journey——Lonking and CATL signed strategic cooperation agreement

          On February 27, 2024, Lonking and CATL held a strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony in Ningde, Fujian. Mr. Zeng Yuqun, chairman of CATL, and Mr. Li Sanyim, chairman of the board of directors of Lonking, attended the symposium and signed a contract, as well as attended the launch of new products of Lonking electric loaders and other related activities.

          Chairman Zeng Yuqun delivered a welcome speech. He expressed his high appreciation for Lonking's development and achievements in the past thirty years, and was full of expectations for Lonking's new energy field, especially its electric loader products and its competitive advantages. He said that CATL will fully support Lonking's technological improvement and innovation in new energy and electrification, fully meet the needs of Lonking's market and customers, and do its best to provide service support so that Lonking electrical loader users can use it with confidence.

          In his speech, Chairman Li Sanyim first thanked CATL for its warm reception. He said that CATL is the best and most prestigious new energy company in the world. Lonking and CATL have been working closely together in the field of new energy for many years. They have jointly devoted themselves to research and development and are pragmatic. At present, all performance indicators of Lonking's electric loaders are better than those in the industry. We firmly believe that with the support of CATL, under the guidance of the mutual strategic cooperation, relying on Lonking's long-term leadership in the loader industry and its advantages in agent channels, services and cost-effectiveness, Lonking in the Year of the Loong will surely create greater value for customers in the new energy field.

          Subsequently, Chairman Zeng Yuqun and Chairman Li Sanyim jointly attended the new product launch conference of Lonking's Dragon Year electric loader. At the press conference, the winners of the 2023 Nobel Prize for Special Contribution to Sustainable Development, Chairman Zeng Yuqun and Chairman Li Sanyim of CATL jointly put the finishing touch on Long and launched a new product - electric loaders equipped with CATL's latest and most advanced lithium batteries LG856H-E and LG866H-E. The product has the advantages of "high reliability, fast charging, high integration, and long life". The battery adopts high-safety LFP battery cells and high-strength electrical box structure design, which doubles the mechanical strength. It matches the leading BMS system and is suitable for complex working conditions. The overcurrent capacity of the battery box has been increased by 20%, greatly reducing charging time; the new integrated battery box is equipped with a new generation of high-energy-density batteries, which greatly increases the power; it is compatible with long-life batteries and has a long system warranty, which can meet high-load application scenarios . Lonking's new electric loader products, with the support of CATL's core technology, have achieved new upgrades in operating intensity, endurance, intelligence and comfort, safety and reliability, bringing more valuable equipment options to users and helping achieve green and high-quality development.

          After the product launch, Chairman Zeng Yuqun also carefully inspected the new products on display, learned in detail about the technological content and competitive advantages of Lonking electric loaders, and praised Lonking's product endorsement.

          At the strategic cooperation signing ceremony, Mr. Lai Yongjie, Executive President of CATL Commercial Vehicles, and Mr. Zheng Kewen, Vice President of Lonking, signed the strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties respectively. Chairman Zeng, Chairman Li and relevant leaders witnessed the signing. The cooperation agreement stipulates that as leaders in their respective industries, both parties will give full play to their respective advantages and further in-depth cooperation in new battery product development, technology project cooperation, marketing and after-sales services.

          The signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between Lonking and CATL will surely open up Lonking's new achievements in the field of new energy and new transcendence on the new energy track!

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